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Mind Power

I’m not a Mental Slave

We all are tired to hear the word ‘setting goal’. We don’t even bother this word anymore. And the reason is we think this is a process may be it will be our lifetime struggling. But the truth is totally different. Every ending was a start once. So start needs shaping our mind first. Let’s take it very simple. There are some prerequisite of setting goal. In simple words, first thing we need to do is giving time to ourselves. To find out our talent ….. People mess up because they think they need to sit alone and think deeply. No no , ease yourself. The more space we give ourselves more we are passionate about our dreams.

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Focus on One thing at a time

We, as humans, are impatient. If we think something to do , we just start assuming to get it done very soon. That’s the major problem because it affects our PRODUCTIVITY.

We all have aims; big and small. Everyone tries to achieve all of them. Have you noticed why only few people are able to make their dreams come true?

The reason is so simple, they Focus on One thing at a time . They don’t show hurry behavior.

Why are we so impatient?

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Am I alone?

Walking alone is really horrible, Oh yeah! it is. Consider standing where no one to see us, to help us, to give hand except FEARS which try to stop us to step forward , to walk alone.

Just remember one thing, we are not Alone wherever we go .. If we have no one around us there must be fears that can be our biggest enemy or our best companion.

Now what should be our reaction in that situation.

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Master your mind


Average person has over 30,000 thoughts a day. Our thoughts actually rule our mind. Mind processes with addicted chemicals in result of each thought. For example we feel disappointed and stressed after any mishap, feel of happiness on achievement, feel of fear on haunted places. When we face any situation, our mind quickly respond to accept suitable emotion we’re used to with.

Let’s elaborate the incredible power of our mind.

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Discover the infinite power of your mind


A person’ mind is so powerful. We can invent,create, experience and destroy things with thoughts alone. (quoted)

Have you ever noticed these terms : Happiness,  depression, motivation, compromise, love, understanding, hope, worry, joy, inspiration, satisfaction. What does they mean? having physical existence? Nah, obviously not. But we can feel them. So these are just logical terms refer to our feelings, our thoughts.

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